Solving your event ticketing needs!

Start your event for free! TixTacToe is the easiest and most efficient method for offering tickets to your attendees. Attendees pay as low as $0.99 per ticket plus 4% which covers our services and credit card processing.
  • Easy

  • Secure

  • Affordable

Why choose TixTacToe

  • Customizable!
  • Hosted video and YouTube support!
  • Ticket purchases can manage many aspects of their purchase
    (Transfers, refund requests, etc)!
  • Event owners can manage most aspects of ticket purchases
    (Transfers, refunds, etc)!
  • Fast and easy check in options!
    • Quickly scan tickets at the door, no special hardware needed!
    • Check in guests using our easy to use, interactive check in process.
  • You can have multiple dates and multiple pricing options!
  • Multiple ticket delivery options!
  • Advanced reporting options!
  • Social Network Insights, see what people are saying about your event!
  • Option to embed within your own site!
  • You can accept donations!
  • Support for free events and tickets!
  • Facebook Integration!
  • We offer a partner program for venues and promoters!
  • Plus many more features!

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